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Manuscripts in Progress


        Following my interest in improving the way we engage undergraduate students, I have been developing two research notes. Both concern ways in which gamification can facilitate learning so that students take the step from knowing information to internalizing the course material. Simulations have gained increasing popularity, with good reason. They are excellent activities which I incorporate into almost all of my classes. The manuscripts below focus on two other techniques that access a different approach to gamification.

        The first utilizes Twine - a free and accessible tool to develop interactive stories. The second suggests one method that may help students empathize with some elements of human insecurity, particularly during conflict, from a safe and still relatively detached virtual environment. 






        I am also currently building from my dissertation work to develop a textbook addressing: 1) human security issues that arise from wartime hostilities at the individual level; 2) the escalatory effects of civilian targeting behavior at the state level; and 3) the challenges international humanitarian law faces in bounding these potential effects at the system level. As this is a much more extensive project, and I will update this page as a draft of the book develops.

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