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Welcome to Advanced International Law!  

This course requires a prerequisite in International Law

As the International Law courses focuses exclusively on public international law, this course applies the same skills in developing legal arguments, evaluating the facts of a case, and interpreting sources of law to private international law. Private international law explores the complex relationship between the sovereign, varied domestic laws of a state and legal issues that involve a foreign element (therefore inviting the role of foreign laws and/or foreign jurisdiction). 

Given the complex, individual-level nature of many of these cases, the course content shifts shifts from broad legal regimes to more focused subject areas. In particular, we supplement prerequisite coursework with more dedicated attention to trade, labor, and the intersection between human rights law and family law. 

Cases we explore, using a similar Moot Court framework from International Law, include:

  • The Ravat v Halliburton Manufacturing and Services Ltd. labor case (2012)

  • Rare Earths Trade dispute: US, Japan, EU v. China (2012)

  • Coulibaly v. Stevance (2017)

Artwork by Erin K. Little

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