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Welcome to Intro to Global Issues!   Current Syllabus

Global news outlets and social media reveal a multitude of issues that challenge our governance institutions, statehood, natural environment, and human security. We are reminded of the problems of the world daily, and this barrage can at times seem esoteric without understanding the source of these issues and how we can respond to contribute to a solution.

This class is designed to facilitate a mindful discussion of global issues that will equip you with a solid foundation in introductory international affairs. You will gain a framework of tools, divided into four key parts: 1) the global structures and main actors that currently comprise our international system; 2) the environments and factors that catalyze conflict; 3) observable responses to these inequalities in group and state-level dynamics; and 4) post-conflict processes that map constructive developments moving forward.

The key activities in this course consider collaborative diplomatic efforts to address modern global issues and debates. They include:

  • Policy critiques and proposals developed in small groups regarding a focused and pre-determined series of global issues 

  • A capstone convention that asks all students, each representing a different state, to ultimately reach an actionable resolution concerning the aforementioned policy proposals

Artwork by Erin K. Little

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