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Welcome to Intro to International Relations!   Current Syllabus

This course is designed as an overview of theories, concepts, and issues underlying the modern international system. We primarily focus our attention on globalization - its meaning and impact on international relations into the 21st century - as discussed through theoretical paradigms, historical context, and structures and processes within the international system. Additionally, we apply these concepts to practical issues and global debates facing world leaders in order to understand the forces that construct international relations.

The course content is divided into two sections. The first section explores a set of paradigms, including Realism, Liberalism, and Social Constructivism, that both provide a partial framework for evaluating state behavior. The second section examines modern international structures, processes, debates, and challenges in the context of global threat and technological advancement.

The two major assignments for this class include:

  • A chart outlining the major tenets and scholars associated with each theoretical paradigm we discuss in class

  • A presentation on an autobiography that asks students to connect topics from class with the individual narratives of those who have documented personal experiences with international inequality

Artwork by Erin K. Little

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