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Welcome to Food Security!   Current Syllabus

Italy provides a uniquely diverse case to expand an understanding of food security to other global contexts. We will be exploring how environmental, social, and cultural factors throughout different parts of the Italian peninsula frame patterns of food security, both within and outside of Italy. As this course takes place in Florence, Italy, much of the course content is designed to supplement experiential learning in this incredible environment.

The course will be divided into two sections. The first section will discuss the historical origins of food culture and related food security in a few of the distinctive regions of Italy - Rome, Tuscany, Naples, and Milan. The second section explores how these historical origins are reflected in modern patterns of international and state development, with an emphasis on the Italian state. We also evaluate current policies and initiatives from international entities such as the Food and Agriculture Organization for efficacy and crisis management.

The major assignments for this course include:

  • A scavenger hunt that connects you with key historical sites in Florence, many relating in some way to how Florence developed its food culture and maintains food security

  • A set of journal entries prompting you to interact with an element of food security in Italy and reflect on how it connects to global patterns of insecurity

Artwork by Erin K. Little

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