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This hub for faculty and other professionals prioritizes resources I've developed for my undergraduate classes, such as syllabi, simulation dossiers, and Twine scripts. I deeply value active learning pedagogies in the classroom, particularly various forms of gamification, as well as mutual support across all professionals contributing to student instruction - a theme you should find embedded in my course design and available materials. Each resource includes a brief description and a link to request the complete materials should you find them useful to your goals for instruction.

I have also referenced my dissertation manuscript (user-friendly replication data to be posted by March 2024). I am currently building from my dissertation work to develop a textbook addressing: 1) human security issues that arise from wartime hostilities at the individual level; 2) the escalatory effects of civilian targeting behavior at the state level; and 3) the challenges international humanitarian law faces in bounding these potential effects at the system level. 

From this hub, you can also access a list of manuscripts in progress, along with a brief description of each. Complimentary to the textbook described above, these manuscripts emphasize effective and innovative teaching methods for courses relating to human security and international affairs. A separate page documents peer-reviewed publications I contributed to as a graduate student at the University of Alabama.

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